Three Interior Decoration Mistakes to Avoid

Selecting Wall Colours without Testing 

With multitude of information at your fingertips due to the internet, people these days often skip actual stores and instead prefer selecting their wall colours online. Or you may suddenly get excited about a particular shade you see in a magazine and buy cans of it only to be disappointment with the end result. 

Interior decoration Sydney PTY LTD will tell you that this often happens because what you see online may not be the actual shade you will get. Most computer monitors are not true-colour monitors and magazine photos are often touched up to create a glamorous effect. 

Moreover; the decor of the rooms and background you see in online photos and magazines may be completely different from your choice of accessories and furnishing. 

Another factor to keep in mind is the play of natural light and lighting fixtures which too have an impact on how a particular shade looks on your walls throughout the day. 

So while buying your wall colours, always buy samples for different rooms and try it out in small patches before going for the actual work. 

Buying All Accessories from One Store

Another common mistake is buying all your accessories from one single store. Do some window-shopping to get a feel of what’s there in the market. Make your choice wisely, keeping in mind your wall colours; the space in your home and your existing furnishing and furniture. 

If you want each room to have a character of its own, it’s best to put different accessories in different rooms that will complement your decor further. A minimalistic look may make the rooms look spacious but it will also make your home devoid of any personality of its own. 

When you want each room to reflect your own distinct style and flair; buy your accessories from different stores over time to build a collection that makes your home look distinct and striking. 


Being Whimsical 

Home decor is expensive and a long-term investment so avoid being whimsical. Don’t go for accessories and furnishings you see in somebody’s home just because you love a particular item. Give it a second thought; try to imagine whether the same things will have similar effect in your rooms and consult an interior decoration Sydney firm for best guidance. 

Going with the Trend

Each year, several trends emerge in home decor and interior decorations in the Inner West that attract customers. However this can be tricky as a modern trend may not gel well with spaces that flaunt the old decor. Always keep in mind your existing decor before buying trendy items.