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Why Personal Trainer Courses Is A Better Investment Than A Gym Membership

Are you benefiting from your gym membership? May be you have shed a few pounds, improved your physique and in general feel better on the health front. But do all these changes offset the inconveniences or high gym fees you have to pay up every month? Especially if you can attain the same benefits through workouts performed training with kettlebells at home or included in the local park.

Because the idea of joining a gym has become so popular, people of all ages and types apply for membership. Gyms of course never pull down a ‘house full’ sign. They take on as many members as possible to maximise their profits. Some run functional workouts, but most don’t. A Dangerously Fit kettlebell course will show you how to train properly.

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This can result in over-crowding in every session.  It is OK from the management’s point of view, but definitely not conducive for the members. So do not get taken in when you are checking out any gym.

To entice people to sign up, gym managements are now going all out on the decor front with plush and fancy receptions – more in line with good restaurants and hotels. Pinterest has some fantastic ideas that you can use.

What lies inside is another story – probably overcrowding, bulky machinery and other drawbacks all of which could put off potential clients. Another major problem is that once you join and you find the setup not to your liking, cancelling membership is not easy.

With kettlebells becoming so popular is seems crazy that some people are still wasting their time with a gym membership.

Finding The Best Personal Trainer Courses

With the fitness industry booming in recent years, personal trainers and fitness instructors are always on the lookout for newer and better fitness marketing strategies. The more innovative and creative a strategy is, more is its potential to attract new clients and increase business. Becoming a personal trainer is more than just choosing the best macebell course and kettlebell certifications, you must know how to market yourself too!

By choosing the best kettlebell certification you give yourself an unfair advantage over your competition.

Dangerously Fit

Offer group deals

Most people enjoy working out with friends or family. A great fitness marketing tip is to offer group deals for families, couples, corporate clients or just a group of friends wanting to exercise together.

It is a good opportunity to get new members and a larger number of clients for your business. Offer discounts, packages or schemes to attract such clientele. Customize their exercise package as per their requirement such as senior citizen exercises, slimming or body toning for youngsters etc.

The Dangerously Fit Academy does an excellent job of this and will give you all the tools you need.

Use exhibitions or workshops to gain clients

Various health exhibitions or workshops are held around the city. A good strategy is to have a booth at these exhibitions and give free fitness assessment for people who visit your booth.

You may even have attractions such as letting them try out newly launched fitness equipment for free or distributing a booklet containing tips for making healthy foods or daily workout tips. Note down their contact details and offer them attractive schemes or discounts to hire your services. If they do not sign up, keep them on your email list and follow up with them regularly.

Give free exercise sessions

Giving free mini-exercise sessions during the weekend is a good fitness marketing strategy to attract potential clients. Conduct these sessions at places where fitness conscious people are likely to come such as parks, playgrounds, jogging areas etc.

During these sessions expose them to a number of easy-to-do and different exercises and fun activities so that they know your training style. After a few sessions, advertise your business and give them special discounts or schemes if they sign up immediately. This is a great way to bring more customers to your business.

Tie up with other businesses

Make partnerships with grocery stores, departmental stores, sports stores etc and get them to advertise your fitness business. Offer them discounts on your services or a monthly advertising fee. This helps to spread the word amongst a larger group of people who you may not be able to reach to.

Form tie-ups with other fitness industry professionals and get them to refer clients to you whenever they have enquiries for services that they cannot give or whenever they are overbooked. You can do the same for them. This mutually beneficial fitness marketing partnership can help your business grow and forms good relationships with peers and competitors.

Use social media

Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat etc to create a page or your business. Encourage more and more people to participate in discussions, contests and keep them updated about your business by posting regular updates, photos and videos. This is an effective way to get more clients. Online fitness profits offer done for you marketing solutions to boost your personal training, gym and boot camp sales.

Use different fitness marketing methods and evaluate which ones work best for your business. Implement them effectively. Keep trying out innovative and creative marketing methods and you will see yourself getting a number of clients with minimal effort.